Application to edit photos – See 8 options for social networks

Having a professional-looking social media profile is essential if you’re in the social media business.

As a result, images that haven’t been altered in any way cannot be posted here.

If a blogger or a brand profile wants to stand out, they need to spend time and effort editing and perfecting their photos. Hence the 8 photo-editing apps we’ve put together for you on our website. You’ll find the ideal photo editing app if you look long and hard enough. Your thoughts?


Adobe Lightroom or just Lightroom as some people refer to it is a famous photo editing app. Developed by Adobe, Lightroom is free and available for computer, Android and iOS, with functions that allow you to change different aspects of the photo. The app has a very easy-to-use interface, which makes it easier for those with no editing experience.

Some of the features of the photo editing application are: applying filters, cropping the image in different formats, changing the brightness and saturation.

In addition, Lightroom has a blemish removal tool that allows you to remove unwanted small items from your photo. Short, it’s a way to camouflage what you don’t want in the photo.

In the premium versions of Lightroom, whose prices vary between R$43 and R$86 per month, there is also the recovery brush, which has the same functionality as the “blemish removal” tool, but with the advantage of camouflaging items of any size. .

2. Application to edit photos  – AFTERLIGHT

AfterLight is a paid photo editing app that is available for both Android and iOS. However, Android users complain that the app hasn’t been updated for a few years for this operating system.

For those who use iOS, the photo editing app offers 59 filters, which are updated every Saturday, in addition, there are more than 70 frames and 66 textures for the photos.

The application to edit photos on the cell phone also has a crop tool that allows you to make 15 types of cuts in the photo, in addition to having integration with social networks.Application to edit photos


PicsArt is a free application that is well known for those who need to make collages for social networks. But it’s not just for making collages, PicsArt is also a photo editing app that lets you place frames, filters and stickers.

Other interesting PicsArt tools are: rotating the image and cropping elements that you want to remove from the image. In addition, the app has beautification functionality, ideal for selfies.

By clicking on it, the user has their selfies automatically adjusted to remove those blemishes from the face, pimple marks, etc. This may be the best photo editing app for those who don’t have professional editing skills as it is easy to use and has a clean interface.

In addition, PicsArt allows the user to be free to make very creative adjustments to their photos, using drawings, stickers and collage of other images. PicsArt is available for Android and iOS for free and can be easily used. Some editing elements are paid.


Snapseed is a free photo editing app available for Android and iOS. Its functionalities and tools are diverse, allowing the user to edit their photos in different ways. Due to its features and ease of use, Snapseed may be the best photo editing app for anyone who wants practicality and quality.

This application allows you to make manual and automatic adjustments to photos through the following tools and features: sharpness and saturation control, white balance adjustment and grainy effect.

For those who like photos with an older look, it is still possible to add a vintage effect to make the edges darker. These modifications can still be accompanied by changes in image temperature and brightness. All this without ads.


VSCO photo editing app is available for free for Android and iOS. Just like the others, in VSCO you can apply filters to the photos, change the hue, white balance, crop, enhance the brightness, interfere with the sharpness, etc.

But the tool that most attracts the user’s attention is the possibility of removing the contrast of the shadows present in the photo. To be able to use this functionality, the user just needs to click on the fade tool and enjoy.

If you feel that the photo still needs further adjustment, you can tweak the shadow a little more by clicking on the “shadow adjustment” tool. With this function, you can lighten or darken the shadows of a specific part of the photo that you select. Practical, no?

6. Application to edit photos  – PRISM

Prism is a photo editing application that can be used for free on both Android and iOS. This tool promises to give your photos an artistic tone. For those who work with art and need to stand out on social media, this photo editing app will be perfect.

For starters, it has integration with Facebook and Instagram, which simplifies the publishing process. Regarding photos, you can choose from 30 modern art filters with brand names.

This advertising allows people to use the app without being targeted by pop-ups. In addition, the application, like others, allows the user to crop their photos and apply a mosaic effect, the one that blurs the images, on what you don’t want to see.

Application to edit photos


For those who like effects, Fotor can be a great photo editing app option. It has more than 100 effects and filters that can give photos a different aesthetic. In it, there are vintage, retro and analog effects. In addition, it allows the user to tweak the saturation, sharpness and white balance of the photo.

Other interesting tools of the application are the option to add stickers, frames, themes and backgrounds. All of this is available for Android and iOS in the free version. Anyone who wants to unlock more tools can pay for the PRO version which can be monthly or yearly.

8. Application to edit photos  – LIGHTLEAP

Lightleap is a photo editing app that has two versions, one paid and one free. Formerly called Quickshot, its two versions are available for Android and iOS.

One of its features that should please the audience of the app, and social networks, is the option to remove unwanted people from the photo. This functionality can be accessed by clicking on the “repair” tool. In a photo in the park, for example, you can still leave a cloudy sky with vibrant colors, put sun, sunset, whatever you want.

Your effects, it is still possible to put spark and rainbow effect. In addition to these more specific tools, it is also possible to make the most common edits, such as adjusting saturation, sharpness and white balance.

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