Organizing Cheap Wedding – 12 Important Tips!

Organizing a Cheap Wedding. We have a lot of contact with ceremonialists and couples, and we accompany many people who have dreamed about every detail of their wedding. The majority are brides.

It is also common for the bride and groom to have only a small amount of money set aside to organize the ceremony and party. Many couples are disappointed because they want to realize their dream. Worse, they end up spending money they don’t have.

Then there are other issues. The embarrassment of not inviting certain people or not knowing whether the less expensive providers are truly competent. However, there are ways to keep a wedding simple and inexpensive while still meeting your expectations.

We have compiled a list of interesting suggestions from ceremony planners as well as creative solutions from the bride and groom themselves that are worth sharing, as well as several instructions to help the bride and groom save time when planning their wedding.

Before you try to save money on all of the ceremony and party items, you should take note of a few important details.

1. The Time

More time you have to organize the wedding, the better. The saying “time is money” fits right here, because by planning ahead you can:

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  • get better deals with suppliers;
  • choose seats before reservations are full;
  • schedule visits, meetings and;
  • above all: research calmly.
  • Also, to make your own wedding favors or invitations, you will need to set aside time for this. [/su_list]

Organizing Cheap Wedding

2. Organizing Cheap Wedding – The Research

Is the search time-consuming? Yes! You will spend a significant amount of time on the internet and may not be able to find everything. In that case, you might have to rely on recommendations from people you know. Sometimes neither the internet nor your friends will be able to assist you.

Hiring a professional organizer is something we strongly advise: it’s a good investment!

In any case, research is the best way to find the best deals and evaluate the quality of the wedding professional. As a result of your thorough research, you will be able to create your wedding budget more quickly in the following steps.

3. and 4. Planning and Organization

Time allows you to negotiate and conduct research. The organization prevents you from getting lost along the way. Create worksheets for your to-do list, budget, and event guest list whenever possible.

It’s critical that the lists are up to date. As a result, with each change, you can compare information and determine whether the simple wedding organization is up to date.

5. Organizing Cheap Wedding – The lean guest List

Past allies are important in determining the event’s cost. The number of visitors is critical. Searching, hustling, and haggling can save you up to 35%. The cost of the event will be proportionately reduced if the number of guests is reduced.

Organizing Cheap Wedding

I understand that reducing the guest list is difficult and heartbreaking, but it is necessary for a low-cost wedding.

6. And how (not) to Invite Without Embarrassing Yourself?

Making the guest list for a simple wedding can be stressful if the people involved in the wedding (the bride and groom and the bride’s parents) are not the right people.

The couple should be completely honest with themselves, as well as with coworkers and family members who may or may not be invited to the party.

7. How to make a budget wedding guest list

There are interesting ways you can make a cheap wedding list without stress. Let’s go to them:

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  • Avoid making separate lists, as this usually ends up increasing the number of guests;
  • Be very honest with the parents, asking them to invite only very close friends to the “little money marriage”;
  • From the inside out: start with the immediate family (siblings, parents and cousins, uncles with whom you have a lot of contact), the closest friends and then think about the more distant family or study and work colleagues. [/su_list]

You will see that the guest list will grow quickly! We also suggest that you list everyone you want to invite and then cut back, according to how close you are to those people. Ah, it always happens that those people you don’t invite end up being “beak”.

Organizing Cheap Wedding – I can’t invite everyone, now what?

Here the main advice is for the couple to be sincere and hope that people understand, because they have to understand.

So don’t feel obligated to invite someone you can’t (or don’t want to). The bride and groom own the party and should be surrounded by those who matter most to them on their wedding day.

Organizing Cheap Wedding

8. Pleasing everyone: ways not to do it

The first tip is: don’t try. See you there. You won’t be able to please everyone even if you have a wedding in London and the final blessing is from Queen Elizabeth herself. Simply accept that people are insatiable;

When you think too much about others, you end up forgetting about you, the owner of the party. Your opinion is the most important of all. Do what makes you happy and the rest happens.

9. Organizing Cheap Wedding – Also don’t try to imitate “chic”

We see many brides who are unable to buy a specific dress or hire the best decorator looking for ways to transform what they have, so that it looks chic and refined.

It just doesn’t work: imitation will continue imitation and you will show something you are not. The solution to this is called originality. Make things simple, original and creative, because elegance comes from good taste and not from the value of the invoice.

10. Never spend what you don’t have

We’ve already seen some couples spending what they don’t have to organize their dream party. Many do this to please friends and family, and that’s okay, the event happens…

But even then, guests don’t find everything perfect – there’s always something wrong. At the end of the day, who will start married life full of debt is the couple themselves. This is not worth it because only those involved know how much a wedding costs.

Still about getting married without money, it is interesting to note that in a marriage with little money it is sometimes worth doing things at home. However, in certain cases home remedies are not recommended at all.

11. When is *do it yourself* worth it? And when is it not?

Cost-benefit is comparing what you will have to invest with what you will get as a result. We met a few brides who were multi-talented, with fantastic skills in making their own invitations, decorating or Organizing Cheap Wedding the wedding buffet.

We’ve also seen many that admittedly didn’t “know” how to create things on their own. And there’s no harm in that, they went there and hired someone to do it.

And what do we mean by that?

I mean that in a marriage with little money, you have to evaluate very well what you and the people close to you know how to do and what you don’t know how to do, and then start something.

The first case will certainly generate savings and bring a great result on the day of the event. If things don’t work out, you could end up wasting more of your precious time stressing out and ending up with an outcome that you yourself don’t like. It’s such a low cost benefit.

In any case, there are simple and inexpensive wedding items where you are less likely to do it yourself, without hiring a professional.

12. Do at home what you and those close to you know how to do

Organizing Cheap Wedding

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  • Wedding invitation: One option is to make a simple template in a graphic and leave the personalized decoration of the invitation, such as ribbon or lace bows, to your own account. Or even make invitations on your own.
  • *Wedding cake and sweets*: You can make it at home, or even assemble *cupcakes* and assemble them in a way that they stay on floors. You still have the option to use a fake cake and place a small cake only on the last “floor” of the cake.
  • Buffet: Here you can use your creativity more freely. It is possible to have a simple wedding at lunchtime, or in the late afternoon (and serve different meals, such as a coffee break). Or, of course… make a nice dinner with people close to you who have a great seasoning and are willing to help, how about that?
  • Souvenirs: Very cute and yummy well-married are a success! It’s a memory that probably won’t last long, but that will fall in love with the guests. To make it more special, it’s nice to attach a handwritten card thanking your guests for coming.[/su_list]

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